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Quotables: Michael C. Hall Is A Cat Lady

A photo of Michael C. Hall

“I spend a lot of time with my cats. They’re both boys, they’re both very affectionate. Their names are Preacher and Ford. They’re my four-legged friends.”

Michael C. Hall, making me love him even more with his talk of kitties.

I don’t know if this is something you could tell about me or not, but I’ve always been pegged as a future cat lady. I’ve only had two cats my whole life, both of them while I was under the age of 12, but both times everyone was like “oh yeah, this is going to be a problem.” I might have one now, but my roommate threatens to kick me out whenever I linger at the cat adoption center at the Petsmart, and also my puppy would gladly devour a cat.

But regardless of my current predicament, I understand you, Michael C. I know how you feel, and you know what? I accept you for it. I might not agree with the rumored infidelity, but I truly believe that all transgressions can be overlooked while playing with a kitten and a piece of string.

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  • I’ve only got one big beast of a cat but he’s my buddy, hangs out with me watching TV, drools and farts — a real man’s man. I totally get the devotion one gets to a cat or a dog….or whatever pet trips your trigger. Also a man who admits to liking cats, well, that’s pretty rare and maybe a little brave. I’m not down with the cheating thing but since he’s got a pair of tomcats, perhaps he is just following their lead and cattin’ around. Meow, baby.

  • My Garfield is the sunshine of my life. A little surprising to hear he named one Ford when he did all those Dodge commercials.