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Jason Bateman Does ‘Teen Wolf Too’

Ah! It’s everyone’s favorite crinkly-eyed boyfriend, Jason Bateman, doing his promotional rounds for The Change-Up. And God, is he likeable. He seems so warm and genuine, even though everything he says is dripping with irony. Just like Chandler Bing!

But before Jason became high-strung Michael Bluth, he paid his dues as a child actor. Worst offense? That would be Teen Wolf Too, the 1980s’ most needless sequel.

Still, every grievous mistake is an opportunity for redemption. So here’s Mr. Bateman with Jimmy Fallon, reenacting a scene from Teen Wolf Too.

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  • I loved Teen Wolf 2,and never actually saw no.1.

    Granted,I was like 6 when the movie came out,but still,it’s so corny,it’s actually loveable.