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Pamela Anderson Tries to Convince Us She’s Both Still Hot and Relevant

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But you know better, now, don’t you friends? Anyone could look good with the right lighting and copious amounts of Photoshop – even, like, Jabba the Hutt. And these particular photos? Are so heavily-Photoshopped that they might have even been entirely digitally fabricated.

Anyway, this is the original Baywatch beauty posing for some chintzy lingerie company, very originally called ‘Secrets in Lace.’ The best part of it? Pamela is the ‘designer’ for this particular line: the whole concept was her own. She’s calling it her ‘Pamela Couture Stocking Collection.’

I don’t know about you guys, but when I think the words ‘hot’ and ‘sexy,’ Pamela Anderson does not come to mind these days. Hell, even back when Baywatch was popular, ‘scary’ leaped off the page at me more when it came to Pamela Anderson instead of ‘attractive,’ and even that was during her heyday.

These photos make girlfriend look desperate, trashy, and old – three things that, when combined, are like the kiss of death in Hollywood.

Take it easy on the photos at work. There’re no body parts exposed, but I’m sure your boss probably wouldn’t be all that cool if you locked yourself in the janitor’s closet with a Victoria’s Secret catalog, would he?

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