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U.S. to Canada: Please Keep the Quaids

Picture of Randy and Evi Quaid mugshot photos

It’s been such a long time since we last reported on Randy and Evi Quaid! That’s because the couple fled to Canada to escape from a secret society of “star whackers,” remember? Yep. Certainly those pesky outstanding criminal charges in Santa Barbara, California could also have something to do with the Quaids’ sudden move north. (Evi now has Canadian citizenship, by the way.)

Yesterday, however, a new twist: the U.S. Department of State has dismantled California’s plans to extradite the couple to the United States. That’s right! Our whole entire government is just like, “Hey, Canadians! Keep ’em! We’re tired!”

If the couple chooses to return to the U.S., of course, they can, and probably instantly will, be arrested.

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  • Seems like a fair trade to get rid of Celine Dion. Do you have any criminals you would like to trade for Bieber maybe? If that Friday singing bitch is Canadian we will trade her away too.

    With two conditions on the trades, once they are gone they can never come back and secondly their music has to stay out of our country as well.