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Sarah Silverman Thinks It’s OK to Smoke Pot in a Public Parking Lot

photo of sarah silverman pictures photos smoking a joint drugs in parking lot in LA pics

I mean, I thought so too, when I was seventeen, but friends, the times have changed. Willie Nelson’s in some pretty big trouble (in Texas) and Chace Crawford hit a similar patch of trouble (in Texas), so if Sarah’s smart, she’ll stay out of parking lots while smoking marijuana (in Texas).

No, but seriously, though – feel the way you want about pot and its effects and whether or not it’s better or worse than alcohol consumption blah blah blah – that’s not my debate today – but the fact remains that unless you have a “prescription” for it, it’s still illegal regardless if you like it, love it, disagree with it, or think its very existence is unnecessary.

It is what it is, but apparently not to Sarah Silverman.

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  • Please give me a break ! We should legalize it and be done with it not to mention if more people took a took now and again the whole country would be better off.

  • it’s actually not illegal in california where she may very well have a prescription. and many other states have taken the logical step of decriminalizing it so you only get issued a ticket if caught with it.

  • She looks like a Vietnam war veteran in this pic and I can’t believe none of the rest of you are going to bring it up.

  • yes but she looks like a CUTE POT SMOKING vietnam war vet.

    where would you like her to smoke pot, sarah? in yr loungeroom?

    also, someone reroll that joint, it’s way too tight.


  • Remember – We have an obligation to break unjust laws. That’s how things get changed. Only the retarded among us still believe the lies that cannabis is bad. If you can give yourself cancer with tobacco, or drink your liver and brain into oblivion – you should be able to spark up a joint if you want.