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More signs of the apocalypse that Selena Gomez is pregnant with Bieber’s baby. [The Superficial]

Jason Bateman is aging in reverse. [Lainey Gossip]

Jay Leno sets Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring on fire. [Starpulse]

The two douchebags who tried to murder Joss Stone. [Bossip]

Did Adele cancel tour dates because someone told her to lose weight? [Cele|bitchy]

Jason Sudeikis talks masturbation. [Huff Po]

Alessandra Ambrosio goes nude. [Yeeeah]

Dave Chapelle planning a comeback? [Rumor Fix]

7 Thwarted celebrity murder plots. [The Frisky]

Nicole Ritchie goes goth with her kids. [INFDaily]

LeAnn Rimes speaks out about her “sex tape.” [Amy Grindhouse]

Vanessa Minnillo has a job! [LA Times]

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  • I -LOVE- that, for Selena Gomez, creamed spinach is among her “unhealthy” food options.

    Also, whenever anyone even HINTS at pregnancy, my mind immediately starts thinking in terms of eugenics. Which is terrible, I know. But a Selena-Justin baby would probably be incredibly attractive, if not terribly tall. Also, it would have an incredible (vocal) musical aptitude.

    . . . Assuming that it were to take after its mother.