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Introducing Your New Writer: Jenn Frank

So as you guys all know, we did a big cattle call over the last few weeks, looking for the best and brightest of entertainment writers, and honestly? I THINK I FOUND THEM ALL. Seriously. I hit a veritable treasure trove of talent with all of the applicants that sent in their stuff. There was so much stuff to go through and the decision-making process was SO HARD.

Thanks to all of you who applied, and all of those who will be at the top of my list for the next time we hire.

Anyway, here’s our new girl, Jenn, in her own words:

Jenn is a pop culture junkie and smut-hound. When she isn’t lampooning celebrities, she blogs about video games. She also reads comic books and collects action figures, giving her all the charm and allure of a preadolescent boy.

Jenn’s cool as hell and I think you guys are really going to dig her. Show her some love like only you guys know how, and above all, be nice, OK? ;)

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  • Sarah, you disappoint me….. Not ONE reference as to size, shape,or all-around lovliness of Jenns titz. How are we to know if we like her without such pertinent info? Seriously slipping here…. Btw, happy birthday!! I think you should provide us loyal readers with a gift. A self wardrobe malfunction featuring both a nipslip & upskirt. If the upskirt bothers you, a cameltoe would be almost as good! Cheers!!

  • Great to see new editors. And Happy B-day Sarah. Go kidnap yourself one of them Jolie babies on me.

  • Fresh meat. Since Molls worked the casting couch for a TV job, little Sarah has been working that ass off.

  • LOL@Jenn! As you can see from evilbeetdouche’s post, you’re gonna have a new admirer! I’M SO JEALOUS :)

  • Welcome Jenn! I totally stalked your blog and saw you are from Chicago. Yay fellow Chicagoan.

    • Does anyone else wonder what evilbeetdouche looks like? Evilbeetdouche, you’re hot, aren’t you?