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Quotables: Rihanna Tells It Like It Is

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“My type of guy is hot and hung, but sweet will do!”

Here’s a little somethin’-somethin’ in the way of proof that Rihanna is, indeed, a size queen. Girlfriend sat down and filled out a questionnaire for Cosmopolitan, where she discussed important things like what she feels sexiest wearing (uh, chocolate body paint) and what she secretly fears (gaining weight during pregnancy).

I know a lot of people are reluctant to talk smack about someone who’s gone through a lot of anguish and pain, but come on: idiocy does not discriminate when it comes to immature ideas.

Rihanna is young, yeah, but really? ‘Chocolate body paint’? ‘I’m afraid of GETTING FAT’? Seems to me like someone’s trying too hard to for that coveted sex symbol status. Maybe she should just stick to being sweet and introspective and charming and let this S&M minx-vibe go. It’s just not working for her.

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  • omg enough about her…… act like she is so interesting. shes a pretty girl who can sing, who caress what kind of guy she like…..did she cure cancer?