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Evil Beet is Hiring!

So I’m gonna lay it right out: I’ve got some good news and some bad news, guys. The bad news is that our very talented and much-loved Molls is leaving us. She was offered an absolutely amazing opportunity that I’ll let her tell you about once she’s contractually allowed to, so her time on the site would have been cut down to practically none at all had she stayed. In light of this development, (cue the good news) we’re hiring!

The basics:

-The position requires two posts daily Monday through Friday
-The position also requires five posts per day on alternating weekends
-This is a PAID position

The requirements:

– Weekday and weekend availability
– Comprehensive knowledge of celebrity gossip
– A unique writing voice – I don’t want no vanilla news, girl
– Impeccable spelling and grammar
– General computer know-how – WordPress experience is a plus
– You must be at least 18 years old and legally able to work in the US (and willing to prove both)
– You must be a US resident

Your application should include:

1) A cover letter
2) Your age and location (city and state)
3) Your current occupation and the hours you work
4) Writing samples. Preference will be given to folks who have a blog they update regularly. (It does not have to be a blog about celebrity gossip.)

Applications and questions should be sent to with the subject line “EB Editor Application.” If the subject line says anything else, it will more than likely end up in my deleted folder. Intentionally.

The deadline to apply is 12:59 pm EST on Friday, June 3rd, 2011.

Also, if you yourself are not interested but know someone who’d be a good fit (or fuck, you want to see a certain writer that you happen to have locked up in your basement do some hard work) let them know about us.

I’m totally looking forward to hearing all of your funniest shit, so good luck and have at it!

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