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Michelle Rodriguez in a bikini. Enough said. [The Superficial]

What actor keeps tripping over his penis? [Lainey Gossip]

Don Lemon reveals: “I was born this gay.” [Bossip]

Angelina Jolie directed a movie and it apparently doesn’t suck. [LA Times]

A new Muppet movie hits theaters this fall – how bad will it suck? [Pajiba]

Jon Cryer just can’t wait to work with Ashton Kutcher. [IDLYITW]

Britney Spears officially looks normal in Harper’s Bazaar, so apparently some new, magical photo editing program has been invented. [Amy Grindhouse]

PS22 chorus does ‘Rolling in the Deep‘; I am amazed. [The Frisky]

Emma Watson sans makeup in Pittsburgh. [Celebuzz]

Brad Pitt looking super hot in Cannes. [Socialite Life]

LOL OF COURSE Chris Brown is ‘better with the lights off.’ [Caught on Set]

Isabel Lucas: officially unrecognizable. [Cele|bitchy]

Kirsten Dunst forgets her pants, has to be back on the sauce. [INFDaily]

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  • Isabel Lucas was blonde when she got famous in Australia, sorry. Also, total bitch in person. Her bf of August/Sept 09 was nice though.