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The Ladies on ‘The View’ Discuss the Impending Apocalypse

I don’t know what’s going on where y’all live, but here in LA, everywhere you look there’s a new billboard up warning everyone against the “end of the world” and that it’s supposedly going to happen on May 21st. That’s in less than a couple weeks, you guys!

The always informed, totally current ladies of The View decided to discuss these ads, which were put out by a Christian Evangelical group, and per usual, they had a ton of nothing to say.

Since the apocalypse is supposed to begin with the return of Christ and end five months later after all of his non-believers have spent 5 months with their lives in shambles, that God-loving Sherri Shepherd had the most to say. She told the group that while she does believe Christ will return, there’s probably no way to guess the date. This isn’t say, logic or reasoning on her part, it’s because last time she thought Christ was going to come back, she put herself in a mountain of credit card debt and was disappointed upon realizing that she had to pay it off.

The rest of them? Barbara stayed neutral as she always does, Elisabeth says she’s going camping, and Joy said she’s panicked about having nothing to wear. Whoopi? She was probably off somewhere polishing off a flask of the hard stuff so she can function around these lunatics.

Where do I stand on this? I’m prepared for just about anything, so if we experienced nuclear fallout (which seems more likely to me than Christ “coming back”) I’d either survive or figure out a way to die as comfortably as possible, but I dunno if this is something to burn a lot of energy on. Or advertising dollars.

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  • The Bible says the end of the world will come “like a thief in the night.” Nobody knows when the world will end except Christ, so any radical Christian groups who think they know the date are just ignorant.

    Still, I suppose the discussion makes for good TV.

  • As usual, Joy is a complete moron about the whole discussion. She won’t have to worry about the 5 months in hell, she’s going to spend eternity there.