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The White House is Considering Running the Bin Laden Death Photos: How Do You Feel About This?

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So we’re now hearing that the House Intelligence Committee is ‘reluctant’ to run the photos, according to sources, so that probably means that they’re going to be run, no ifs, ands or buts, cut-and-dry. An official statement claims that the President himself is also concerned at the idea of releasing such graphic photos to the public:

“I have to tell you I think I’m more where the president is on this. I’m a little bit reluctant, I’ll tell you why. The conspiracy theorists are going to see the pictures, find ten reasons why they think it’s someone else,”

And now? I’m at a loss for words. The Obama administration is reluctant to release the photos for fear that the conspiracy theorists are going to cause trouble by saying it’s someone else? Not because, you know, it’s totally inappropriate to release these photos, simply on principle? The rep continues and states that the idea that it will put the troops at risk is also a factor in releasing the photos.  While this may be true, I think the mere idea that the US is behind the death of Bin Laden is enough fodder for ‘infidels’ to retaliate against us.  Photographic evidence will only add fuel to the fire.

My personal opinion? It’s disgusting and reprehensible to even consider releasing these photos.  Ten years after the 9/11 bombings, Osama Bin Laden is dead. It’s confirmed. Why lose a piece of your humanity, leering at grisly photos of a man with half his face blown off ? And on the flip side, how appropriate would it be if Taliban troops paraded around with photos of decapitated American soldiers? I don’t care what you say, it’s the same thing. And it wouldn’t be appropriate in either case. End of story, no discussion. There’s no semantics here, it’s the idea that there are just some things that people shouldn’t parade around, and death photos are one of them. I don’t care if you’re a gilded, humanitarian saint who was martyred or the most evil individual on the face of the earth. Perception is perception, and wrong is wrong, and this? Is wrong.

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  • Release the photos, don’t release the photos there will still be conspiracy theories. Photos will probably inspire lone wolf attacks like the time square bombing. I am defiantly relieved he is dead but I just don’t think releasing the photo is necessary.

  • The man’s dead. Enough. The conspiracy idiots will always be with us (shows how well our system of education is working).

  • Wrong is torture. Wrong is assassination. Wrong is killing civilians with remote bombs. What humanity is left after that?