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Here Are Some Celebrities Who Made the TIME Top 100 ‘Most Influential’ List

photo of justin bieber pictures photos

I’m going to break it to you bluntly here, guys: if you were wondering if Bieber fever had spread even to the editors and nominators of this annual prestigious segment of TIME magazine, you wondered correct. Justin Bieber did, in fact, make the Top 100 list. And for you? I pulled a bunch of faces, screamed until I started getting weird looks from people in the coffee bistro where I’m sitting, and shook my head in dismay, so now you don’t have to.

Let’s move on.

Other notable celebs in the entertainment business who made the list? In no particular order:

Amy Poehler
photo of amy poehler time magazine pictures

Colin Firth
photo of colin firth for time magazine pictures

Justin Bieber
black and white picture photo of justin bieber for time magazine pictures

Blake Lively
photo of blake lively time magazine pictures photos

Jump in for the rest –

Oprah Winfrey
photo of oprah winfrey pictures time list photo

Mia Wasikowska
photo of mia wasikowska pictures photos time magazine

Chris Colfer
photo of chris colfer pictures photos time magazine

Bruno Mars
photo of bruno mars pictures time magazine photos

photo of sting pictures time magazine photos

Mark Walhberg
photo of mark wahlberg pictures photos

There are a bunch more, including Gabrielle Giffords, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, and Joe Biden, for more obvious reasons, which you can check out here. What celebrity took a spot that they didn’t deserve – moreover, what celebrity should have been on there who was omitted?

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  • I love how they say “Most Influential People in the World”, when they really mean “in the United States of America”. I totally understand Time is an American magazine and their decisions are going to be biased, but the whole “in the world” bit still it is laughable. I don’t even know who Amy Poehler is, and all Bruno Mars had in Europe are two hit songs which everyone has forgotten about now, not to mention Mia Wasikowska.

  • World Series football/baseball… WWE… Only in America! Wat other country in the world plays american football?! Really