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13Kaley Cuoco Got Naked for Allure Too!

A photo of Kaley Cuoco

Yesterday, Molls showed you Ashley Tisdale, all naked in Allure. I guess it’s your lucky day twice in a row, my darlings, because today I’m bringing you Kaley Cuoco, all naked in Allure.  But you know we’re going to have to talk about her for a hot second first, right?  We’re not animals.

We’re all watching Big Bang Theory, right?  So we all know that Kaley is the most adorable girl on TV right now?  If you disagree with that, then let me propose that Jim Parsons is the most adorable guy on TV right now.  If you still don’t like or don’t want to watch Big Bang Theory, then can I persuade you by noting that the cast is very reminiscent of that of what was probably the greatest television program ever made, Roseanne? Still no?  Then shut your naysaying mouth and check out the naked picture of the pretty girl.

A photo of Kaley Cuoco

April 13, 2011 at 7:30 am by Emily
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13 Responses to “Kaley Cuoco Got Naked for Allure Too!”

  1. lisa says:

    She is beautiful. But Roseanne is my life, and you just made me need to watch Big Bang theory like now! Thanks for that!!!!!!!

    • Emily says:

      Oh girl, that is wonderful. The main character is the guy who played David, and he was in a romance with Darlene, except they’re physicists so it’s a little mind-boggling. Also, David’s roommate’s mom is Aunt Jackie. It’s a crazy, beautiful thing.

  2. Alicia says:

    :( They totally shopped her stomach, lame.

    • Anonymous says:

      Understandable that you are jealous
      But don’t be negative about her just to make yourself feel better. I have seen the show and they didnt have to photo shop a thing especially her stomach.

  3. Bryan says:

    She looks fabulous especially her facial expression and very alluring pose ! I was a late arriver to the Big Bang Theory and find it very entertaining. Much more so than the “Sheenless” 2.5 Men IMO. That show should not be renewed for next year but since the ratings have been good it is doubtful that this will happen.

  4. CranAppleSnapple says:

    She’s adorable. I have a girl-crush on her, just like Amy Farrah Fowler’s.

  5. Justin says:

    She has GOT to be the most BEAUTIFUL, comedy babe and actress on this planet!!!!! Funny, beautiful, and low maintenance. What else could a man want before leaving this earth??????? Even tho we will never meet….I will love her until they cremate this body. Thank you Kaley Cuoco for being born in my lifetime.

  6. wiggy says:

    Kaley has such a wonderful smile. Shes funny and is smokin’ hot. She seems to be very down to earth too. her BF is very lucky and im jealous that i dont get to kick back and party with her. I hope she has a GREAT life and has time to do more acting on TV and in movies. I always enjoy the things she chooses to do on screen. TEAM CUOCO ftw!!! Thanks EBG for this format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Uncle Aus says:

    Kaley is hilariously funny. Her facial expressions kill me. I think her comedic timing is SO on the mark and she’s a babe to boot.

  8. john sutton says:

    “the golden girl”.159 million kaley fans cant be wrong.

  9. James says:

    Kaley is a lovely young lady that is experiencing the time of her life. She is talented as well as adorable. I would hope that success does not spoil her as it has so many.
    She is really a fresh and innocent soul that we all can enjoy in happiness. God Bless, Kaley

  10. roger junk says:

    I also have one gigantic crush on her although there is somewhat a difference. Mine is of age but the birthdays are only two days apart.
    mine is 11/28/45

  11. Renee McCollough says:

    Was Keli Cuoco ever on The Young and The Restless?

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