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Amanda Seyfried Thinks She’s Too Cool for School

A photo of Amanda Seyfried

Actually, she thinks she’s too cool for a parking ticket, but that’s not a well-known saying.  Let’s move on.

See, lately Amanda Seyfried has been hard at work promoting her new movie, Red Riding Hood (which I’ve heard is horrible, have any of you seen it?).  Just a couple days ago she was in London at a premiere of the film, and when everything was over, she went back to her car, and she had a little sit down with her driver and a buddy, just chillin’ in the car, you know, when some ballsy traffic cop moseyed on over and was like “hey, you’re doing something wrong, here’s a ticket.” But do you think Amanda motherfucking Seyfried is going to take that shit lying down?  Hell no.  This girl “threw the ticket back at the traffic warden, telling him: ‘Thank you but no thank you.'”  Can I get an “oh, snap,” please?

But for real, who does this girl think she is?  “Thank you but no thank you,”  bitch, you take that parking ticket with respect. You’re representing America, and don’t you forget it.

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  • For me, the ultimate Red Riding Hood adaptation was Freeway, starring a very young Reese Witherspoon! So trashy and fantastic–she escaped from juvie in LA and was hitchhiking to Stockton to see her grandmother. Kiefer Sutherland was the mencing Big Bad Wolf figure in the movie. I’ve got to watch that one again!

  • The stereotypical American tourist, wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t learn the basics in the language of the country she’s visiting either! Rude pricks.

    • Yeah, I bet she didn’t even learn the basics of English. You know, because she was in London.

    • Oh, mireee…you never miss a chance to remind everyone that you’re a superior European, do you?