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Thank God! Nicki Minaj is Back Dropping Sick Verses on Other People’s Tracks

Although she’s said before that she’s (at least for the time being) done contributing to other people’s songs, this new David Guetta song, “Where Dem Girls At?” that she and Flo Rida did verses on is awesome. Well, not the actual song, which I think I could only enjoy after three Absolut Pear and sodas at the gay bar on a summer Saturday, but her verse in particular. It’s still not “Monster” quality, but it’s a huge step up from that “Right Through Me” shit she was trying to pawn off on us a few months back.

As a huge Nicki Minaj fan, I hate to admit that I was really disappointed by her first album Pink Friday. After listening to her do the sickest verses on her own mix tapes and other people’s singles for years, to hear that album full of filler songs and b-sides was a real disappointment. Nicki always pops when she’s on someone else’s track, but on her own? Well, it’s yet to be seen if she can be truly great.