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Is Someone That’s Not Totally Crazy Marrying Amy Winehouse?

photo of amy winehouse breast implant pictures

If you know anything about her boyfriend, Reg Traviss, and consider him sane, then yes – someone sane IS planning to marry Amy Winehouse.

Reg says:

“Amy and I have been talking about getting married, we are looking to book something very soon. I am thinking of getting something sorted in the next six weeks for the end of the year. I love Amy very much, she’s a wonderful, talented, lovely girl.”

I agree with you, Reg – I love Amy very much, too, and I’m in concurrence that Amy is a talented girl, no doubt. It was Amy, incidentally, who really reinforced my faith in the validity of some current-day artists. However? Girlfriend’s only ever going to be truly ‘lovely’ again if she puts on a few pounds, gets rid of the dirty, shit-caked ballet slippers, and takes those cantaloupe-sized tit bags out. Those bitches look like they were bolted on.

Mucho congrats to the still-happy couple, huh?

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