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Isabella Cruise is Over Scientology, Wants to Live With Her Mom

After years of living with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Isabella Cruise, Tom’s adopted daughter from his first marriage to actress Nicole Kidman, has decided that she wants to live with her mother. Now 17-years-old, Bella is close with her mother for the first time in years and has told Tom and Katie that she’d prefer living a more low-key life in Nashville with her real mother and her step-dad.

Of course this also means that she’d no longer have to practice her father’s religion of choice, Scientology. A source close to Nicole said that if Bella were to live with her and her husband Keith Urban, she wouldn’t be forced to be a part of the church, which is a major concern to her controlling father.

For years the Kidman-Cruise kids have been painted as children who hated Nicole and immediately chose their father over her during their divorce.  I think it’s fucking fantastic that we’re finding out that not only is that not the case, but that Tom’s ties to his religion may have been the reason the kids stayed with him the whole time. Where the former couple’s other adopted child, Connor, will wind up is yet to be seen.

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  • I just want to say that this article is bullshit and lies, so anyone reading this so disregard it as the slanderous shit that clutters the journalistic world.

  • I’ve been a Scientologist for 40 years and it’s made every part of my life better and much more fun. Sure, everyone has the right to believe what they want. No one in Scientology would “force” a person to do anything they don’t want. That’s ridiculous. Check out the REAL website and find out for yourself but don’t just listen to crazy gossip mags which are only trying to sensationalize everything for profit!

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