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Love It or Leave It: Shenae Grimes’ Asia Girls Explosion Look

I’m just going to be upfront and admit that “Asia Girls Explosion” sounds like a porno flick to me, but it’s not. It’s a fashion event that takes place in Tokyo, and this year’s guest stars were Shenae Grimes, Jessica Stroup and AnnaLynne McCord from 90210 and The City’s Olivia Palermo. The ladies took over the runway to show off looks from YOSHIKIMONO’s new line and while I really couldn’t care less about most of these ladies, I absolutely LOVE Shenae’s look in these photos. The adorable black dress, the sassy leopard print coat and of course, the killer hair and makeup, all make her look the best I’ve ever seen her, and I’m a huge fan of hers going all the way back to the Degrassi days.

One thing, though? Not sure if I can get on board with the yellow eye makeup. She IS in Tokyo, where fashion rules are a bit more liberal, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pretty lady done justice by a school bus-hue shadow. I am dying to try out eyeliner like hers on myself, though.

What do you think about Shenae’s look?