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Paris Hilton: “I can’t stand black guys.”

Neil Strauss has written a new book called Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead, in which he shares several anecdotes from his interactions with various celebrities over the years. I skimmed a piece about the book on my plane ride to SXSW and the whole thing sounds like a juicy read, but now that I’ve read about his completely awful and totally racist conversation with Paris Hilton, I am for sure picking up a copy of this book.

LA Weekly spilled on Neil’s 1999 encounter with Paris, who was more or less unknown at the time. After popping a hit of E, Paris told Neil about the boob job she had at 14 that her mother later made her undo, and that she was hoping to pose for Playboy in the future. Oh, and there’s a whole thing about how, after making out with Vin Diesel, she was immediately disgusted because she realized he was part black.

From the book:

HILTON: I went out with that guy last night.
Which guy?
HILTON (points to an actor in Saving Private Ryan): We were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross. (pauses). Does that guy look black to you?
How black does a guy have to be?
HILTON: One percent is enough for me.

Let’s not act even remotely surprised by this news, because I’m pretty sure we’ve all known for awhile now that Paris Hilton is a racist twit. Still, it’s kind of funny that Paris was getting so fucked up so regularly back then that she had no idea whose tongue was in her mouth, and yet black people are the gross ones. Nice, girl. Nice.

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  • oh god, i do not want to be defending this twit but can we really take this as gospel truth? especially when her best friend was nicole richie, whose father is black…

  • Ok, if we do some math here, she was 18, MAYBE even 17 during this interview (month not listed). So there’s a chance Vin Diesel was making out with a 17 year old.

    Anyways…off topic…if she was on E and meant she doesn’t like having “relations” with black people, that’s her prerogative. Not something you should really shout from the roof-tops but whatever. There are plenty of black people who feel the same about white people.

    If she meant she thinks black people are gross in general, again…shouting…rooftop…no-no.

    But really. Are any of us surprised that Paris would allegedly say this? At 17-18, on E? Girl is sheltered, spoiled, virtually untouchable (unless you mean in THAT way). She will die with no real world experience. No empathy for what life is really like.

    She’s like a sad rich version of one of those kids you see on the “Please give money to save little Consuela in Mexico…” Just a casualty of money instead of a casualty of poverty.

  • Well im black and tell u what no good brutha wants or need a spoiled trailer trash white b…h. I can’t stand white girls like that but then turn around and try to be in every bruthas videos. Plez go get do sumthing with this media ho

    • trailer trash..white bitch…are you serious, well learn how to talk first before you call someone trailer trash black brutha..have to let everyone know that your black like that really means something….well im white and this white brother says i give respect to paris hilton…if she was to say she loved black guys then people would say things differently but instead she said she dont and now shes a racist…get over your little kid slave bullshit..first you and noone else today was one…2nd your not the only ones…3rd you had slaves yourselves…your own black bruthas and most of em was white…who do you think built all of the things in africa white slaves that you black people had as slaves…and if you want to talk about something then know what your talking about….when black people came to america only like 7 percent of the slave trade of africa came here do you know where the other 93 percent went?and do you know who sold black people to other country’s..hmmm well they came from africa and their black right so yea they was slaves by their own black bruthas way before the 7 percent came to america….and just to point out black people are millionaires now and are president on 2 continents and not if africa with them poor kids starving to death…so in closing black people was slaves in america for what like 100 years and became better off because of it…and still bitch about how bad they had it…well you know what i grew up in the projects had alot of shit happenend in my life went hungry slept on the streets homeless and many more things that im not allowed to say and busted my ass at 22 years old i have my own house my own business why cause of this great country that we live in so i finish with stop all this bullshit and hate shit and just be good people to other good or not good to everyone black white orange yellow whatever as long as your good people……..

      • As to the second half of your paragraph the modern black million is enslaved to the same master by the millions he or she makes by the very fact that he or she is dependent upon,shall we say the likes of you to make that money. As to blacks selling blacks into slavery… really? Say that knowing tribes like the Jaga did this with the cold steel of a white man’s gun barrel at the back of his head? and of all the ethnic types found around these sites you speak of they were of the types found in the region,certainly no mass europeans. And there is a huge difference in the understanding of the term slavery,especially as practiced in most ancient cultures, and what was practiced in our collective history,what was known as chattel slavery. And 7 percent? There are an estimated 4 million dead africans lying along the middle passage,taken from slave pens along the western coast of Africa ran by The Dutch,Spaniards,French,Portugese,and the like,placed on boats with flags from these above mentioned places and shipped around the world.At the same time this was happening,The Native People of the new world were under a similar assult.No we were not the only ones,not at all!Several of their cultures no longer exist! As far as us owning you,well we both know that was never in the cards,and it never had a chance to occur.The prodigal son tried to pull down the house out of his own insecurity and was banished!

  • Plez go get do sumthing with this media ho…..WHAT??? While I realize I may not be as hip to the vernacular of today’s youth, what the fuck does this mean? Could you please explain what this means, preferably using the Kings English?

      • Loulou is it? You blow your father with that mouth? Typo my ass… Try another dumb ass kid using textspeak to convey thought.

  • I don’t think that there is anything Paris could do to ever redeem herself in my eyes. She’s an absolute idiot – and I will never have any respect for her. God help me if my daughter grows up to idolise this sorry excuse for a human!

  • If anyone had any respect for Paris Hilton (or Kim Kardashian and her trashy family, for that matter) before, you’re already a loser by definition.

  • A slut is a slut. She is known for being the sex toy for have of world so her views don’t mean much. Do the math Having one black sex parter and your self respect or screwing 100’s of white guys and being a tramp.

    • Lol, I was thinking about that too. You know what? She made that sex tape with that scumbag parasite Rick Solomon. Black folk:1 – Paris Hilton: 0

      • Okay… first of all, Paris said some stuff that was not really needed. But hey everybody haves their own likes & dislikes. Maybe you should hear her side of story. She may had of been messing around with one and that time freak her out. Another thing is… im so fuking tired of people saying how stupid she is and how she got no brain, she’s very smart in reality, in her acts n stuff her role is as a dumb ass. Maybe people need to SHUT THE FUCKK UP!!! Didn’t yall already have enough fun making BRITNEY SPEARS? People need to keep their two cents to them self, that’s why they feel like crap let them live their life, and STOP controlling it! Just Drop it and worry about your own SHIT!!!

  • Paris Hilton saying ANYONE is “gross” is laughable. She has no idea who she is with on a day-to-day basis and is nothing more than trailer trash who got lucky enough to get a rich last name.

  • A watch your f%#$ing cave man Mouth, when this sun comes at you your going to wish you where black anonymous!

  • i REALLY hate this bitch but really SHE hates black people? Well let me get one thing straight…black people are 100 percent more good looking then your ass paris so stfu

    • lol shes a racists but look whos the one saying black power…just like louis farrakhan or malcolm x or the black panthers right but yea shes the racists fuck you dumb shit…and if you have a problem then tell me where to meet you and ill show you how to thump some bodys head first lesson ohh.the.cangry

  • The sad part of this is that all of you are closet Racist and cant wait till someone makes a shady comment so you can come out.Really no different than your Khanye LOL

  • Don’t say that!!! She’s liable to shoot you both!!! Never side with ignorance my friend, it makes you look shallow.

  • I think there’s nothing wrong if she doesn’t like making out with black guys because I know that many blacks don’t like making out with whites either. But really she must be a slut of the lowest order to let a black man stick his tounge in her mouth knowing she doesn’t like them. Worse still, she fucks every creature that has a penis (I wouldn’t be surprised if she has also fucked her dog). Am sure men don’t even feel her when they sleep with her, she’s oversexed. They’re just with her for the publicity and the blow-job. But is that worth risking an STD knowing that she’s promiscuos? I hope they take precautions.

  • Who cares how she feels. I’m sure there are plenty of black gals who publicly state that they would never date a WHITE guy. You black guys think you have to have equal rights and access to white girls pussies. Idiots.

  • As a Black Man,I can say the majority of us wouldn’t get involved with her on a long term basis because she is most likely clueless as to self conduct on a day to day basis. Committing slip-ups like saying the WORD that should be left in the past during relaxed social settings(some black men think it’s cool,but around men like myself,that’s a taxi ride home alone immediately,never to here from me again!). Short term… well,with essentially no ass,way too much nose,and feet that look bigger than mine,(size 12), I would wonder if she is a post op transsexual,even after a few drinks!

  • to the -dude: walk your bad postured,sun fearing,(oops,you most likely tan to try to be as Dark as us!) hairsuit, murdering,devil ass up to the first black man or woman you see and pop that shit out of your mouth and see what happens! That goes for the rest of you trogs,too!

    • Pardon me sir, when we used to hang you from telephone poles, you weren’t happy with that. Then somebody taught you how to kill your own, and you do a better job than we could have ever imagined…

  • paris is nothing but a long nosed…white tramp…….flat chested……dry assed…..bitch who am sure will soon end up like dat johnson heiress.pretty soon mark my words.and to those fools that supports what she said may sucide bombers find you soon

  • wow she said she does not like black men, SO WHAT!?! everyone has thier own opinions, i dont find black women attractive unless they have white features and still then it would be just for sex.

  • Jay and brian pls go tan ur soggy dicks.u dnt like blacks???? wit cos its staring at u right in the face.stupid fag.redneck.irritable smelly skin.i feel like trowin cos u whites stink cos u lost ur bathroom.the blacks still av beta skin dan urs.and dont forget to tell ur mamas dat her ancestors who is black said hi.

  • Stupid American Morons . . . How come if you did not like Black Men so much how come you made him the most powerful leader on the planet. Hah! I am loving it. . .

  • Really and Honestly all you haters should brainwash convert and pray fervently for the rest of your lives that you may never think to utter nothing but what really is . . .

  • Putting all things aside, Paris is a hot blond, if I was propositioned (and not yet married) I would not hesitiate to mount without a thought … typical man, I know. . . but that does not change the fact that all of you south o the border should Turn Off the TV and get back to what your really supposed to be doing —Nothing! Stop it, stop everything your doing because 99.9% of it is absolutely meaningless, I guarantee it! Find Jesus and go on a permament vacation…

  • And neither can any black guy stand a white bitch like you. No real nigga can fuck you coz you aint good enough for any grown ass man.Only bitch niggas can look at you.

  • All you racist mtf are going to hell the shit yal say you can’t pos think is right if you do you are anigger.and yal only talking it now cause can’t no1 fuck yal up go try to say to someones face.and we all know who was the first race like it or not so we are all related

  • AS a Hindu, I must say that I find blacks to be disgusting. I would not let any of ny sisters date a black man.

    Then again, we have a caste system, and even if they date whites … the whites would have to be vetted really carefully.

    It’s better that everyone stick to their own race anyway. The Hindu caste system is the best, this inter racail cr&p blows.
    I truly dont understand or approve of it.

  • LMAO…..I don’t see why paris doesn’t like black guys cause she was getting her back blown out by Chris brown. They use to meet up to have aggressive, rough sex! Then, when it came out with the chris brown/rihanna.domestic incident that she sent him a booty call text, she had her reps deny it to the press. She also slept with diddy and NUMEROUS black men.she then turned around and blamed chris for giving her a STD…..smh UGH….

  • paris i love 2 meet u some time but im so horny 4 u now cuz i just seen your xxx movies i just want 2 fuck ur pussy ur making me so 4 u baby so can i fuck u please paris

  • I was reading all of the comments above, and it’s a real shame that people are still poisoned with racism. Paris Hilton’s remark about Black men being disgusting was uncalled for, and out of line, but at the same time, I’m not suprised that such ignorance has come from her mouth. Some things I expect from certain people. I wish that people would stop seeing color, and start realizing that we are all one human race. We all do the same things, look the same way for the most part…just different skin colors, cultures, and way of life.

  • I agree with Paris 100%, plus I don’t think that it’s good to allow animals to live with people. Send them back to Africa as the only difference between African-American and African is clothes.

    You would of thought that by now they would of at least made something of themselves right? Oh no wait, they did it’s called “Rap” which to everyone else in the world it’s just poetry with beats and yet they think they created it, lol stupid monkeys.

    Source: Evolution

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