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Rapper Nate Dogg Dead

picture of nate dogg aka nathaniel hale rappers photos

Nate Dogg, or if you didn’t grow up during the eighties and nineties, Nathaniel Hale, passed away last night at the age of 41.  No information has been released as to the official cause of death, but Hale had some pretty sticky health situations for the past few years and suffered some pretty serious ailments, including recent strokes.

I fondly remember Nate Dogg from my 6th grade year in school, as ‘Regulate’ had just been released, and naturally, had become popular. All of my friends and I would go to the local skating rink, request the song, and skate around like we were the trendiest, baddest of the badasses. Yup. Fond, fond memories of pretending to know it all at the tender age of eleven, when in reality, we didn’t even know what the song was alluding to. Isn’t it just like that a lot of times?

RIP Nate Dogg, and I hope you’re finally at peace.