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How Do We Feel About Kate Winslet’s New Hair?

A photo of Kate Winslet on the cover of British Vogue

Kate’s the cover girl for the April issue of British Vogue. In due time, I’m sure we’ll hear all about her interview with the magazine, which includes talk of Kate’s recent divorce and her “famous figure,” but for now all anyone really cares about is her hair.  It’s so short and blonde, you guys.  Do you love it or what?

Personally, I feel like Kate Winslet is just one of those people who can’t do anything wrong.  I mean, she did let Jack freeze to death in the ocean, but I suppose that wasn’t really Kate. Were she in that predicament, I’m sure the real Kate would have done something along the lines of sharing that big floating door, or at least taking turns so that both of them froze to death just a little.  If Kate promised that she’d never let go, she wouldn’t pry your hand away from hers and let you die, she’d hold on because she’s Kate motherfucking Winslet, and when she makes a promise, she damn sure keeps it.  I’m sorry, am I rambling?  IjustloveKateWinsletsomuch.

Please use the comments to discuss Kate’s new hair, how wonderful she is, or any grudges that you still hold from Titanic.

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  • Agyness Deyn has really made a fad amongst Hollywood stars now, huh? Michelle, Kate…there has to be someone else I’m forgetting.

  • I love Kate, but this hair? No. The eyebrows are too dark compared to the hair. No. Also, what is with all the celebs cutting their hair? She looks younger though, so it is cool.

  • It’s awesome, as a hairdresser I never thought it would work for her, but she looks amazing, the eyebrows make it perfect for me!