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Jon Gosselin’s a Construction Worker Now, You Guys

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin has a new gig and it’s about as unglamorous as it gets. Jon’s working with a Pennsylvania construction company installing solar panels on new homes. Homes probably like the one he’d be able to afford if he was still pimping his kids to get by.

Of course this means that Jon is dead broke. The former IT analyst had to sell his BMW last year because he needed the $25,000 so badly. Now his yearly salary is probably somewhere around that number.

There you go, kids. Proof that doing a reality TV show doesn’t necessarily mean fame and/or security. You can go ahead and trash those Real World audition tapes now.

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  • Depending on what they are doing and where they are working, construction workers can make a whole lot more than $25,000 a year. Not the level of money he was getting being on TV, but certainly what most average people would consider a good wage.

  • Wow. Something about this entire post really rubbed me the wrong way. I guess I have the opposite opinion on the matter -He hasn’t fallen, in my view, he has finally picked himself up and gotten himself a real job. Good honest work with honest pay that unlike his former wife, does not rely on pushing the celebrity of his children. Way to go Jon. By the way, the other commenter is correct. My husband works in construction and in a good year, with over time wages, he pulls in up to $90,000 a year. Also, Jon looks happier now than he every did during his reality tv days. Money does not always buy happiness.

  • yeah wtf is wrong with being a construction worker? they work hard and can get paid pretty decently. i agree with Hannah

  • I agree with the people, he looks pretty good and is doing an honest days work. Kate, on the other hand, just can’t quit pimping out herself it seems like. She was always kinda above everyone.

  • Right on…

    Kate’s a cunt. She pimped her kids out for money and that’s real low life behavior…

  • See, Kate…your comment about never being able to go back to getting a real job after a reality show is CRAP. Your ex is working hard like the rest of us normal people.

  • Its good he’s got a job. Being a celebrity is not all there is in life. You are dead broke if you are not working. He gets a check for what he does. He’s a good dude for being real. Respect that man!!!