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It’s Still Kind of Weird to See Britney Pretending That She’s Not a Pod Person

So here’s a teaser of Britney Spears’ newest video for single ‘Hold It Against Me.’ The whole teaser thing I can get behind, because I’m one of those crazy fucking fools that gives away all of my Christmas gifts to others in the weeks leading up to the holiday, because I can’t stand to wait. Chances are, if I ever buy a gift for you? You’re probably going to get it early and then NOT having anything to open on the big day.  Sorry in advance.

This is kind of like what Britney and her camp is doing. The leaked title, the leaked album art, the leaked single snippets here and there, the full monty, and now more leaks of the video, and it’s alright.

I know I’m supposed to be critiquing Brit and her new vid, but guys? I’m just still way too uncomfortable with this decade’s zombie-Britney and her brand of clod-hopping dance numbers.  But on a positive note, only 309 days or something ’til Christmas!

Resurrect Britney!

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