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OK, So is Frankie Muniz a Total Freak or What?

photo of frankie muniz and girlfriend pictures

I heard this head-scratching story yesterday, and I failed to believe that there wasn’t more to it – in case you guys hadn’t heard yet, Malcolm in the Middle‘s child star, Frankie Muniz, reportedly got into some big-assed fight with his too-hot-for-Frankie Muniz girlfriend the other night, and it ended up with a gun held to girlfriend’s head, a gun held to Frankie‘s head, a trip to the police station, a reconciliation, another physical encounter, and then another public reconciliation – all this, JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY.

Alright, let’s break this down. First, this girl? MIGHT KNOW BETTER. It never ends well for these cracked-out child stars, and getting involved with them out of the gate is only going to make a situation down the road worse. Second? What the hell is Frankie Muniz doing with a chick this hot? THIRD, what the fuck is with all of the guns-and-violence thing? Because that, in itself, is plainly the main issue we’re contending with here.  Unless you start to really consider the hot girlfriend thing, and then, ladies and gentlemen?  We have contention.
Though there was evidence of police documentation – this event DID occur, in some fashion or another – Muniz’s camp denies, denies, denies, claiming first that there was no gun involved, then that there WAS a gun involved, but it wasn’t loaded (turned out to be negated by law enforcement), and now – there’s just silence from all sides.

My thoughts? Whatever the hell this is all about, it’s probably not going to end well.

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  • Wow, Frankie Muniz turned into a balding munchkin. That poor guy. Hopefully his parents / manager / agent didn’t wipe out his money. If he’s still got his money, he can pull women like his current girlfriend a LONG time in Hollywood.

  • Frankie Muniz: This Chick ; Brian Austin Green: Megan Fox. (you know, before we found out she was stupid.)

  • i read that she is a total gold digger and has spent massive amounts of frankie`s money. i also saw a pic of her a few years back and she was ugly as hell and fat…after a few surgeries and diet she does look pretty hot though
    but yeah, there is definetley another side to this story