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Love It or Leave It: Beyonce’s Uber-Blonde Look

photo of beyonce blonde hair LA pictures

This girl here? Is a big Beyonce fan. Not so much of her music – I never got into the whole hip-hop/club thing (or, you know, hip hop of any kind) – but Bey strikes me as a can-do type of girl, and she’s totally sweet and gorgeous and talented, too. In spite of her choice of musical genre, I can fully appreciate Beyonce Knowles, and EVEN look past that whole Destiny’s Child thing.  Nuts, right?

However, I’m not really digging the blonde. It’s too … I don’t know. It looks like something Nicki Minaj would try to pull off, poorly, and doesn’t really enhance the natural beauty that Beyonce’s clearly got.

Incidentally, I heard that B and Jay-Z are looking into a trial separation. Say it’s not fucking so, I know … MediaTakeout confirms that there’s a rift beginning between the two – over children and the lack thereof – and Jay-Z is moving to LA to lease a mansion, which he wants to fill up with kids. The sources say that Beyonce is nixing the idea, and still wants to focus on her career. She’ll be staying in New York.

I don’t know what to make of all this, guys. Beyonce hasn’t had an unflattering hair color since the late nineties, so this could actually be a sign of big things happening.

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