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In All of the Grammy and BAFTA Hubbub, You Probably Missed the Elle Style Awards, So Here They Are

photo of emma watson winner of elle style awards pictures

Tom Ford was there. Be still my beating heart – do you guys have any idea how much I admire that man? He is, by far, one of the most talented parfumiers since the epic Chanel. Some advice? Get your hands on Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, and his White Patchouli.

Also, I hope Emma Watson never gets a weave. Her short hair is growing out into that awkward stage, and from one girl to another, one who’s ALSO had that particular haircut a mere year ago, it’s only going to get worse, friend. There’s going to be awkward hair days for, well, days. My hair is FINALLY almost to my shoulders and I STILL have awkward hair days that require lightweight gel, bobby pins, and a flatiron.

Anyway, congrats to all of the winners – though I STILL don’t understand how Courtney Love was invited, let alone WON something.

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