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The Intimacy Experiment Day Nine: Break the Routine

Show of hands, how many of you guys have settled into what some consider to be the dreaded ‘routine’ of a relationship? You know the drill – you wake up, roll out of bed (sans kiss or better), fly into the bathroom – leaving the door wide open to showcase your morning pee – and stumble off to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, nary a ‘Good morning, darling!’ in sight? Because chances are, unless you’re in a very new relationship, or you’re one of the freaks of nature, much like my parents, who’ve been married thirty-five years this year and are still SICKENING, you’re in the majority, friends.

Today’s exercise encouraged us to break out of the routine and take a walk on the wild side (Dire Straits. Just saying). According to research:

” … A little danger can boost sexual attraction: in one experiment, an attractive young woman stood in the middle of a tall suspension bridge. Every time an unaccompanied man ventured across the shaky bridge, she would ask him to participate in a brief survey. The next day, she repeated the task on a shorter, sturdy bridge. On both days, she gave the men her phone number and invited them to call her later for the results. Not only did the researchers find that the men on the shaky bridge were more likely than their stable-bridge counterparts to call the woman later for results of the survey, but they were also far more likely to ask her for a date.”

OK. I’m going to be honest – we didn’t go THAT far in trying to generate some liaisons dangereuses, and I’m not quite sure how my husband would respond to me handing out our phone number to perfect – male – strangers, but we did take K-Y’s suggestions to heart. K-Y recommends doing crazy stuff outside of the home to get the adrenaline pumping, such as:

-White-water rafting
-Hang gliding
-Sky diving
-Bungee jumping
-Go-kart racing
-Indoor rock climbing
-Ice skating
-Playing paintball or laser tag
-Horseback riding
-Visiting an amusement park

We took a page right out of the book and did the whole go-karting thing, but unfortunately, it wasn’t all that spontaneous – we saw a year-round place open earlier this past week when we went to go have our taxes done, but hey, taxes are sexy, right?  The choice was kind of a spoiler because we were looking for a chance to check it out anyway, but guys? It was fun. And apparently, I have a pretty competitive streak in me, too (who would have thought).

At any rate, the go-karting definitely put things into a certain, um, perspective, and I fully expect my comeuppance later on for beating the snot out of my SO on the track earlier today.

Not that I’m, you know, complaining.

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  • god, this is so icky and revolting. what does this have to do with celebrity gossip? put it on your own personal blog. I don’t want to log in to read about how sharing your sexual fantasies with your husband got you lucky, gross.

  • My dh and have been married 23 years and our relationship is as good now as it was 20 years ago.. Even after 6 kids.
    I do spice things up. I love your products and they are locked in a box ready for use when he gets home (drives a truck)
    I would love to win something. I spent 25 plus on the one bottle for me today…… Thanks!

  • I would love to do any of the things you listed above! We both love amusement parks, but that will have to wait until the weather gets better

  • Christ HR, Sarah didn’t even go into detail. Are you one of those people that uses a sponge on a stick to wash her genitalia?! I’d lay money on the fact that you don’t even know what your own pussy looks like.

    Sarah, do you think your comeuppance will involve some hair pulling and ass slapping? All in the heat of the moment of course, when that actually feels good :)

  • LMFAO snarky, you’re quite the classy lassy yourself! I seem to recall a comment of yours mentioning gunts, dicks, fuck you whore, fat upper pelvic area and hole. You’re quite the picsa, aren’t you?