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The Intimacy Experiment Day Eight: Cooking Up Some Love, Guys

Today’s exercise for the K-Y Intimacy Experiment was cooking together. If I may say, I’m a banging cook – I can make anything from the perfect soufflé to your basic chicken and ham pie. I kind of pride myself on my cooking, and to allow just anyone (husband included!) to cook in my gourmet kitchen – it’s gotta be for a good reason, guys, like I’ve become bedridden or, you know, for this experiment.

What did we make? A huge, homemade pot of spaghetti sauce, complete with sausage and meatballs. We didn’t go fancy – it’s the middle of February. Rib-sticking comfort food is kind of where it’s at, especially since it’s been so COLD as of late. The experiment called for oysters as a first dish (loaded aphrodisiac cliché), but I think oysters are disgusting, no matter how you slice it – pun totally intended. Sorry! The experiment also called for asparagus, but after I had my heart set on spaghetti and meatballs, asparagus didn’t really seem like a good pairing (though I did make it a few weeks ago, brushed with olive oil, a bit of sea salt, and cracked peppercorns and then broiled and it was uh-mazing). However, the suggested red wine and dark chocolate was to die for, and I’m glad we went the extra mile to incorporate those two into the meal.

We both ate enough to collectively rupture something, and as far as I’m concerned, if I can be honest, after the heavy spaghetti-and-meatballs dinner, the dark chocolate pie and two glasses of red wine? I’m more apt to want to sleep than to try and be all sexy. It’s not every day that I can take advantage of being this comfortable and relaxed on a Saturday at 8 PM.

Anyway, statistics show that 58 percent of couples who cook together on a regular basis are more satisfied with their sex lives than those who don’t – whether it has to do with the bumping and grinding that, you know, sometimes goes on during garlic mincing or egg-beating, who knows, but there’s definitely something to it, and previous instances suffice as creed.

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  • For real. This is a site for trashy celebrity gossip. Go write about this Mars and Venus shit on a maxi pad.


  • dude please when is this fucking torture going to end ??? i used to dislike you but now i hate you. please just tell me when will it be done? also nofuckinone reads these shit soooooooo dont even bother…u guys need an editor SO THIS SHIT DOESNT GET PUBLISH

  • Is that your kitchen?? Unlike the chocolate headboard you’re sporting in your bedroom I’m kind of loving it! I’d defo go cooking in your kitchen.

  • Lol at the people hating on these posts but still take the time to comment!

    Anyway, I am soooo envious of your kitchen. We’re renovating our house room by room and the kitchen and the main bathroom are the last to be done. They SUCK ASS and I can’t fucking wait until they’re done! My kitchen has cupboards made out of some type of plastic and painted hunter green. Fugly as hell.

  • geez,
    shut up you horrible woman,
    these posts are way too personal and completely offpoint for the celebrity gossip site
    sasha, please rescue us
    this is sooooooooooooooooooooooo groooooooooooosss

  • i am sick and tired of these posts. i don’t care about how much KY you use. i was never a fan of KY btw, and after having been slapped with these boring posts i’ll MAKE SURE to never buy their products.