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The Intimacy Experiment Day Six: I Wanna Kiss You All Over

OK, so this song is going to be in my head now for the next three weeks, no doubt. I had the Imperial March (what what Star Wars fans) on loop in my ear the other day and sang it for hours while I cleaned my house.

Anyway, today’s exercise for the totally awesome K-Y Intimacy Experiment involves touching and connecting on a physically affectionate level as much as humanly possible.

My husband had some classes earlier this morning, so cuddling it out in the wee hours of the morning was out of the question. Plus, I had a wicked weird dream that my family was being chased through decrepit old houses in New Orleans at gunpoint, and when we escaped into the alleyway, it flooded. Like, swimming-with-the-fishes big time flooded. The dream, nevertheless, sent me awake with a shot (ha see what I did there?) and instead of rolling over to get some early-morning comfort, I booked it to the bathroom, where I gripped the sides of the sink and examined my night terrorized, sweated up face in the mirror for exit wounds or telltale signs of swimming in the Mississippi.


When he got home, we made it a rule that if we entered a room that the other happened to be occupying at the time, we’d have to hug and kiss for at least ten seconds on entry and exit.  It did a bunch for our libidos, since we couldn’t go much further than just hugging and kissing.

Tonight, I’ve got some musical stuff going on, and the hubs is going to have a ‘date night’ with our daughter (this entails pillows, blankets, Goldfish, and chocolate milk on the living room floor while watching either Toy Story 3 or The Wizard of Oz for the forty-thousandth time this month) so I’ve totally given my her a free pass to suck up all of the physical affection I’m going to miss out on tonight.

Bottom line? The extra efforts of connecting physically – outside of hot, rampant sex – totally made the day, and I can definitely say that when I get home later on this evening, I’m heading directly for a little more than just a squeeze and a peck on the cheek.

You guys want to spice things up yourselves? Here are some sneak-peak suggestions straight from the experts at K-Y’s ‘Good in Bed’:

-Hugging (try a few 30-second hugs from Day Two of the program!)
-Holding hands
-Snuggling or cuddling while watching TV or a movie
-Kissing (not just ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ but ‘just because)
-Playing footsie under the table at dinner
-Lightly touching him or her on the arm while talking
-Offering a quick foot or neck massage at the end of the day

Check out K-Y’s Facebook page, Couples Place, to see how the other bloggers – AND The Bachelorette‘s Trista and Ryan – are doing!

Don’t forget to enter in the comments for your chance to win a kit of your own!

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  • So Sarah, I’ve got to ask~ have you been feeling closer to your husband? I know you’re doing this for a contest but will you try to continue these little gestures? We all get just a little too comfortable with our partners so I think things like this make a huge difference.

    • At the risk of sounding cliche, Sammy, yes – LOL. We’ve had some good laughs over the past week, reflecting on things that we’ve done in the past (and how ridiculously uptight we both were in the early stages of the relationship too), and it’s been fun. As for the ‘too comfortable’ aspect, I can see how a couple who’s been together for a while can slip into that zone, but if I can’t fart around you and laugh about it, there’s definitely a big problem somewhere. ;)