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Camilla Belle Doesn’t Look Like Joe Jonas in Jezebel Photoshoot

photo of camilla belle jezebel magazine cover pictures

Really, she doesn’t. Remember when those two weren’t sleeping together but having ice cream dates instead and it sort of weirded everyone out because they looked like brother and sister with those wavy, permed eyebrows and long, somber, emo’d out faces?

Well apparently, Camilla Belle has grown up and shed her bushy brows, ditched the grey-tone skinny jeans and is looking frankly AMAZING these days, especially in her recent Jezebel magazine shoot.

Keep at it, girl. If we’re comparing apples to oranges here, you’re way hotter and more sophisticated than Taylor Swift, so own it. Just don’t be surprised if old girl Taylor pulls a voodoo doll out on your ass for being all gifted on the mattress and stealing her once-chaste boyfriends.

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