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David and Victoria Beckham Get Pregnant to Dispel Those Cheating Rumors

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In case you hadn’t heard already, the eenie-weenie, teeny-tiny womb of Victoria Beckham is carrying yet another David Beckham zygote.

Coming on the heels of multiple cheating allegations, David Beckham thought it best to impregnate his wife with another, presumably, boy, and what better way to say, ‘Sorry for banging all those nasty hos, darling, but here – allow my seed to stretch your body into an oblivion, ’cause that’s what true love really is.’

Congrats, Beckz!

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    • Well it goes from one extreme to another — the sheer adoration we have here in England is a bit too much as well.

  • that baby is gonna weigh more than her, jesus christ! why do these two think they can solve their marriage problems by spawning their little seedlings in front of the cameras. I only hoe its a girl then hopefully theyl stop………………..