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Hot or Not: Denise Richards’ Beach Body

photo of denise richards in a bikini pictures

I saw this photo late last night and I was torn. Denise Richards, arguably one of Hollywood’s hottest women at one point, was photographed removing herself from the Hawaiian surf this past week. And she was looking, well … old. Hot, yes, but definitely not the same chick that bounded tits and ass ’round the world in Starship Troopers by any means. The weirdest part? Chick’s only going to be forty this year. Not fifty – forty.

But let’s not reflect on all that too much. It’s January, I live a half-mile from the ocean and a half-block from the bay, but it’s too damned cold to stick a thick-socked toe into either – and here I am looking at the hairband ho pull her tanned and scarily taut body out of eighty degree water.

I guess I might be a little biased.

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  • i think she looks beautiful! she’s got a smokin hot body as well. Girl may only be 40 but I can imagine that there has been a significant amount of stress along the way.

  • I don’t think she looks old at all. I think she looks fantastic and I’d love to have a body like that.

    Aside from that, what’s wrong with a woman looking older? I mean, for fucks sake, would you rather she constantly cling to her youth and constantly nip and tuck every little line on her face? People like you will bitch when someone “looks her age” while on the same hand chastise someone for getting too much surgery in order to conform to some standard you’ll never be able to achieve yourself.

    • i agree very much so if i was forty i know for damn sure i would not even look close to as good as that dont put her down for whi she is it doesnt matter what we look like besides she wasnt even trying so you cant count that

  • You just wish you looked as good as her. You’re probably 30 something and a pig, why you wanna dis on everyone? just cause you can get a hosting site for $30 bucks a month? I support $60 million in radio stations, people like me provide your iheart radio and make your streaming stations work, I expect nothing, but you? you want notoriety from bashing people. You have lost all respect. Get a life. You shouldn’t even be allowed to post.

  • I think she looks fantastic – and NOT old. She looks fantastic for fourty. Perhaps we have been so brainwashed by Hollywood and the media that we think fourty should look somewhat “younger”.

    She looks wonderful. Her face looks healthy, her body looks considerably better than my 29-year-old-body I’ll tell you that! If I look as good at fourty I’ll be smiling.

  • I would do her just as quickly now as I would 12 years ago. My only problem with her is the crazy eyes.