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Love It or Leave It: Jessica Simpson’s Winter Look

A photo of Jessica Simpson

Good ol’ Jessica Simpson spent her New Year’s Eve afternoon wandering around Aspen with her one true love, Eric Johnson, and this is what she chose to wear.  I’m of the opinion that fur, fake or not, rarely looks anything other than ridiculous, but those leggings?  I would get pregnant, wait nine agonizing months, have the kid, and then give it to someone in exchange for those leggings.  Granted, that’s coming from a girl whose shopping consists of searching Amazon for things like “Jesus unicorn shirt” (got one!) and “rainbow jumper” (making one!), so I’m probably not the best judge of classy clothes.

What do you guys think?  We can also discuss Eric Johnson’s stupid scarf if you’d like.  This is a safe, open environment for you to share your innermost thoughts and feelings.

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  • Actually I love this .. Doesn’t matter what she does or wears she knows she is going to cause controversey. NO dumb blonde here but living her life. Actually I think the leggings are a hoot & very festive & fun. Who cares really. Its a sking holiday & NYE with friends. I actually love that both her & ERIC don’t give a rats butt what anyone is thinking about them these days. lol It’s everyone else’s problem & not there’
    Gotta give it to her she is a sweetheart & knows what she is doing. She can’t win so live her life & BAH humbug to everyone else that is

    Love it love it. The last two years have been about trash talking Jess & she has someone in her life that doesn’t care about the crap either.