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In Case You Were Wondering, We’re Going to Make A Flip Book of These Pictures of Kid Rock on The Beach

A photo of Kid Rock

Yesterday, in the midst of the worst hangover in my short drinking career, I said to myself, “Self, you are in charge of the very first post on Evil Beet in the year of our Lord, 2011.  You better make it a damn good one.”  So when I awoke today, I scoured the photo agencies, and I think I’ve succeeded with these pictures of Kid Rock on the beach.

I know that some people are super into Kid Rock (“Only God Knows Why” though, am I right?  Hey-o!), but even if you’re not, flip books are fun for everyone.  You can draw your own pictures to fill in any missing moments, and won’t that just be so much fun? Did your list of resolutions for the new year include being more creative?  If not, tack it on real quick, and if so, then you’re welcome.  It’s for auld lang syne, my dears!

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