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Blind Item: Which Successful Lady Got Herpes From Her Lover?

I’m a little obsessed with blind items these days, so for the second day in a row I’m giving you a tabloid mystery to ponder.

From CrazyDaysAndNights:

This comedienne and author is sweating the fact that she may have got herpes. Her new boyfriend swore to her he did not have it, but it turns out he does. All she would have to do is check his sex history with just the people known, and she would have seen he is in the herpes chain. Oh, or have protected sex. Not too hard.

Comedienne and author? Well, we’ve got Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin, Janeane Garofalo, Jenny McCarthy (if you count her as a comedienne) and of course, Miss Chelsea “I’m Fucking 50 Cent” Handler. My money is obviously on Chelsea, not only because GOD KNOWS where 50 Cent has been, but because I can’t think of anyone that any of these other ladies are dating.

Who are you putting your money on? Remember that whoever gave this funny lady herpes has dated someone in the past who has dated other notorious skanks (thus the reference to Hollywood’s all-too-terrifying herpes tree.)

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