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Robert Pattinson Had Big Dreams Of Being A Rapper

A photo of Robert Pattinson

What a coincidence, because I have big dreams of Robert Pattinson expanding on his already incredible musical skills.

Yeah, it turns out that Rob was “obsessed with Eminem” and he has “hundreds and hundreds” of tapes of himself rapping up a storm at age 13.  His group was called The Big Tub and the Tappy Cats.  This is all real.  And I know you’re all curious about what little 13-year-old Robert rapped about:

“Most of my rhymes were stolen off other people anyway. They were all like, ‘I was raised on these streets’, which was a complete farce because I was actually raised in quite a nice area of London called Barnes.”

And there you have it – the touching story of a little boy with a dream.  It is my strong belief that when a person has such a dream, no matter how long ago or how forgotten, that the dream should always come to fruition.  So what’s up, Robert? I’m not asking for an album, just maybe an Easter egg on the Breaking Dawn DVD, or maybe a little taste in an interview.  I want to love The Big Tub and the Tappy Cats.  Please give me that chance.

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