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Quotables: Reese Witherspoon’s Dealbreaker

“I had someone correct my grammar on a blind date once, and I knew within the first 10 minutes that the date was over. Just don’t correct my grammar. I’m from Tennessee. I probably say everything wrong.”

– Reese Witherspoon recently told People her first-date dealbreaker.

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  • Meh…ya know, everyone in Hollywood is such a carbon-copy of one another. Reese is beautiful and she’s different. Would you like her better if she pulled a Heidi Montag and decided she wasn’t good enough? That woman, in her effort to look “perfect” looks like a plastic cautionary tale.

  • As a fellow Tennessean, I find Reese’s “I’m so backwoods and country ’cause I’m from Tennessee, y’all” act to be getting pretty stale. Reese went to Harpeth Hall – the most elite, private all-girls school in Nashville…. Annual tuition is almost $22,000 per year. She’s not some country hick, and why acts under the pretense that she (and everyone else from the state) is I find both demeaning and insulting.

  • That is a terrible picture. The shape of her face is pretty bad. This might just be a fluke though because there are many beautiful pictures of her.