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Billy Ray Cyrus Reacts to The Miley Bong Incident

Poor Billy Ray Cyrus. First his wife cheats on him with a grosser, blonder version of him and now his precious little daughter is all over the Internet rippin’ off a bong. That can’t be easy for the guy. Plus, his Tweet this morning apologizing for his daughter’s behavior kind of broke my heart. Like, I’m not sure that I was prepared to hear Billy Ray Cyrus say that he was “so sad.”

It sucks though, because Miley’s 18 and technically not her parents problem anymore. Between the stresses of ending his marriage with his wife and the flack he’s probably getting for “the way he raised his daughter,” the poor dude is probably beyond emotionally depleted.

Let’s go easy on Billy Ray. If anyone’s responsible for Miley’s typical 18-year old behavior, it’s her.

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  • Oh whatever, like it’s even really that big of a deal.

    This reminds of when I used to go to Goodpasture Christian in Tennessee, and everyone was SO up in arms about the fact that my parents let me listen to Slipknot (okay let’s not talk about my awesome music choices).

    It’s like, whatever. In the end, Miley is just a trashy white TN girl like the rest of us, hitting a bong in someone’s living room.

  • I’d have to agree with your perspective. Parents are only responsible to a certain degree. Plus Miley’s going through a developmental stage right now that is marked by the adolescent’s urge to distance oneself from her parents. The dude’s watching his daughter distance herself from him and his wife has done the same; he may be feeling really alone right now.

    Also, she’s 18 and tried salvia; I don’t believe in “gateway drugs” and I’d have to say that this is normal behavior for a girl her age. Nothing to be overly concerned about.

  • As much as I hate achy breaky heart, I feel bad for Billy Ray. His wife is a cheating slut, his daughter is a druggie slut, and now he’s stuck with only his twitter for company. Poor douche. I mean dude.

  • yeah i feel bad for billy ray too. i think he’s a tool but he probably doesnt know his ass from a hole in the ground at this point.