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Love It or Leave It: Jack’s Black Hair

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You know, I like Jack Black. I actually partied with him – OK, OK, near him – once. It was February or March of 2004, and I was hanging out in this shady bar on Bourbon Street in New Orleans called Fat Catz with a few of my friends. We’d all decided to do Mardi Gras for the first time that year and I think it was, like, our second day there or something. Or maybe it was the second hour, I don’t know – there’s no true sense of time during Mardi Gras with all of that alcohol, really, so I suppose either could be true. Anyway, as we were drinking our huge geaux cups of buy-one-get-two-free Hurricanes (and as a sidebar, they weren’t even good ones – they were like fruit punch Kool Aid with a buttload of liquor; if you want decent ones, go to Pat O’Briens – word) a guy with an entourage of about six people came in, and everyone around was sort of backed up a foot or two as they passed through.  I was totally in a state of inebriation, but as Jack passed (he’s a short dude, guys – he wasn’t much taller than me), he kind of threw me a roguish wink and made his space at the bar.  He was sort of locked in for the rest of the time by his flankers, so I couldn’t exactly open up a dialogue with him, but it was pretty cool nonetheless.

So yup.  There’s my claim to fame.  Jack Black winked at me, so I automatically dig his dyed-black hair, even if it does look like he’s trying to be like Pete Wentz and I actually secretly hate it.

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  • Dude, Sarah could not be more of a name-dropper. Seriously every time girlfriend gets a chance to drop some story about a celeb or some way she’s personally involved in celeb gossip, she takes it.

    Tell me I’m lying. Tell me she didn’t see this picture of Jack Black’s “hair” pop up in the morning emails and think, “this is a great place to tell that story about the time I was near him.” No one else gives a fuck if Jack Black dies his hair.

    Sarah. I already think you’re cool. Don’t worry about it.