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Quotables: Bristol Palin Fires Back at Margaret Cho By Making Lesbian Jokes

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“If you understood that commonsense conservative values supports the right of individuals like you, like all of us, to live our lives with less government interference and more independence, you would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert.”

Remember those pesky rumors going ’round about how Sarah Palin pushed her daughter Bristol into competing on Dancing With the Stars? A valiant effort to repair the damage the teen mom had done by getting knocked up during Sarah’s run for Vice Presidency? OK.  Well this is directly from the horse’s mouth – this is Bristol refuting co-star Margaret Cho’s claim that she is Sarah’s little publicity pawn, while throwing a couple of lesbian-themed remarks at the end of her diatribe, which you can read in its entirety here, for good measure.

Let it be said that I’m SO not a fan of Bristol or – by virtue – Sarah Palin.  And though I do think that Margaret Cho is borderline obnoxious about a lot of things and generally unfunny, I have to say – come the fuck on. Aiming gay, Indigo Girls jokes at Margaret Cho, a woman who will be eternally more successful than you could ever hope to be, Bristol?  I mean, Margaret might be over the top when it comes to her humor, and a lot of people might be turned off at the visual of the bisexual Margaret getting it on with anyone – male or female – but throwing tacky insults around on a Facebook fan page of all places, please. When your claim to fame has something to do with anything aside from being pushed around by a Mama Grizzly mother and being a teen mom, then you might have a shred of credibility. Until then, shut up. You sound as under-educated as you’d assume a high school drop out would.

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  • You know, honestly, I don’t think the comments were outrageous at all, or for that matter, even implicitly implied that Bristol was talking about Cho as a lesbian.

    And even if it was the case, that’s not in any way insulting.
    She’s a lesbian. Bristol isn’t saying it’s a bad thing to be a lesbian.

    Btw, I don’t like Bristol, or the Palins, or conservatives. But I do like being fair.

    • Disagree. Why use KD Lang or the Indigo Girls as an example then? Why not use “Justin Beiber” and “girls” or “Santa Claus” and “children” or something?

      The open letter to Cho was fine, but the end was totally uncalled for and a cheap shot. We all know that most conservatives are against the idea of homosexuality and you can bet your ass that Sarah Palin is one of them (didn’t her other daughter just get caught using the words “fag” and “homo” to make fun of one of her school peers). I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

  • the tone in which bristol decided to use kd lang and indigo girls references were derogatory and unnecessary. she needs to grow up.

  • Those who have a problem with the Palins are so hypocritical, it isn’t even funny…They cowardly spread whatever rumor they can conjure up and top it off with every mean, offensive, hateful, evil, ugly, insult that they can think of, and then call it “derogatory” if anyone DARE go against THEIR grain, as if they even know what “derogatory” means…

    They need to check themselves in the mirror, their insecurities are showing…

  • who cares!!!!! you know if Cho goes on stage and bashes ugly people, poorly dressed people , or other ethnic people including oriental people who dont think her jokes are funny during her stupid acts and its OK, but let someone say something poersonal about her…oh boy lets all break out the tissue…what ever….you know what we all get ripped on in our life time and its usually about something personal to us….the Palin girl fired back when the gay chick started in on her about her mom and the dancing show….now personally I dont give a rats behind about Cho, the Palins, or the stupid dancing with the stars show but to watch everyone always making such a big deal about someone cutting down someone that cut them down first is dumb….hell if you dont like the girls family your only giving her more publicity by continually talking about it…seems to me her and her mom outsmarted you all if you think your hurting thier image….the only time your doing bad in the presses eyes is when no one it talking about you…so they are doing a great job of keeping thier families name in our heads. Personally if she or her mom run for anything I will vote thier way now…not because I know a dang thing about them politically, but because one of them proved she can shake what her moma gave her and the other…well lets face it, she aint got to…thats one hot looking alaskan I’d love to meet at a dance club….rifle in hand or not!

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