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Caption This: The First Signs of Justin Bieber’s Puberty!

Photos via D-Listed

No, obviously I’m just joshin’ y’all.  The mustache is courtesy of a marker and inherent douchebaggery, and that defiant stance definitely reads like an eight-year-old to me.  Don’t worry, guys, we’ve got a long way to go before this boy wonder turns into a man … or do we?

According to the National Examiner, Justin’s voice is just now starting to break (Christmas miracle?) and he’s been working with a vocal teacher to make the transition into his big boy voice as easy as possible.  The article also mentions that Justin is a slight 5’4″ and 108 pounds, and that the Biebz is concerned that his busy schedule that leaves him little sleep in these formative years might permanently stunt his growth. Bless his heart.

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