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Love It or Leave It: Angelina and Brad’s Mutual Disdain for Color

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s got to be when people wear different shades of black.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m also against other things, like rudeness and Nazis, but I really think this has got to be my least favorite thing.  Additionally, this giant orgy of texture is just too much – leather, velour (I refuse to acknowledge the existence of velvet harem pants, that’s just too egregious a use of velvet), some sheer sequins shenanigans, and I think I see linen.  It’s nonsense is what it is.

Despite my strong feelings, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made the choice to dress this way for the Paris premiere of Megamind yesterday.  And that hurts, it does, but it’s ok.  If Brad Pitt is in a place in his 47-year-old life where he feels the need to wear leather pants in public, then there’s obviously something more important going on here.  Really, the last time I saw someone wear leather pants out into the world with no motorcycle involved was this wasted girl at the gay bar who fought through her hiccups to let me know that she felt butterflies in her tummy (and trust me, you’ve never known regret until you get a series of voicemails from a woman who sounds like Eeyore on a meth binge), and that is not something you want to emulate.

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  • I don’t hate it. I mean, if it were on someone else I’d be making fun of it, but they can pull it off. I love Brad and Angie so they can do pretty much whatever the hell they want and I’d be on board. Besides, anything that looks like it puts a few pounds on her rickety frame is a good thing, right?

  • Some people have no sense of humor. Why is that?

    This was a quirky, funny observation that was spot on and extremely well written.

    Let us hope that the Bradster does not feel compelled to grow another one of those super long, stringly beards. The last one could have been used, in lieu of sheets tied together, as an escape from a second story window.

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