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Kate Gosselin’s Interview With Entertainment Tonight is Priceless, Vague, and Totally Transparent. And Scary. Definitely Scary.

After more and more unpleasant press for Kate Gosselin and her children emerged recently regarding the expulsion of two of her children, Kate decided to sit down with ET to discuss the major points of what’s going on in her life, including her children, her career, her dating life, her career, how hard Jon sucks, and her career.

Oh, and did I mention her career?

Here’s Kate’s attempt to artfully diffuse the rumors that her kids were expelled:

“Two of my children – No – are being tutored at home, with a teacher who is working closely with our kindergarten teachers in the school doing the identical curriculum. The pressure was getting to them. We have the divorce anger mixed with that. They needed some breathing time. The goal is to get them back into school as soon as possible.”

On bringing the dog back, because Mama Kate isn’t cutting it on the parenting – or friend – side of the house:

“We’ve brought our dog back. They can talk to [the dog] he doesn’t talk back, they can tell him anything they want. They’ve told me this and so I had to bring him back.”

Kate on searching the world over for her Prince Charming:

“There’s been here and there, somebody cropping up. I just feel I’m in such a weird alter [sic] reality world that who walking in is going to be able to handle, understand, support and deal with all of that. And I’m not going to say that person is not out there, I’m just still, you know, looking.”

On the continuity of Kate Plus 8:

“Absolutely we have so much planned for Kate Plus 8, so many trips, so many adventures… Goodness gracious … My kids would fall apart [if the show ended].”

‘Goodness gracious,’ she says. Her ‘kids would fall apart.’ … Substitute ‘kids’ with ‘checking account,’ and you’ve got a more accurate depiction of what would happen if Kate Plus 8 got the proverbial ax.

Postscript, Kate? Lay off the Botox and whatever weird eye surgery you’re loving so much. You’re starting to look quite like Jocelyn Wildenstein, and no one’s going to want to tap that ass if you end up like that no matter how hard you keep ‘looking.’

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  • This woman needs help!!!!! I never saw anyone spew so much crap, she is unbelievable. Some people like her????I think she is insulting our intelliegence.