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Quotables: Kanye West is Really Pissed at Taylor Swift

“Taylor never came to my defense at any interview. And rode the waves and rode it and rode it.”

– Kanye West, ranting about Taylor Swift’s behavior, during a surprise performance at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom.

I totally, 100% agree with Kanye West and I think you all need to get hip to his way of thinking.

Here’s the truth: After a year of her becoming the public’s lapdog and then condescending to him on national television with that rude-ass song she sang at the VMAs, a flat-out, “Yeezy’s not a bad dude, we’re cool,” would be the classy, right thing for her to do. It’s over a year later, he’s cried in interviews about how badly he feels about his actions and acknowledged his wrongness endlessly yet he’s still being villainized and harassed.

At this point, Taylor not publicly insisting to the public that she’s over what he did and probably a better person for it is like her way of torturing him. That leads me to believe that she’s comfortable playing the victim while actually getting everything she wants. And it’s that type of person who disgusts me the most.

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  • Honestly, I cannot stand Taylor Swift OR Kanye West. I cannot stand anything that EITHER of them produces — with the exception of Swift’s “You Belong With Me,” but only because the same-sex video to it was so good.

    That said, I -can- respect Taylor Swift for milking sympathy points for all that they are worth. That’s just good business. At this point, I’m sure that it is past the time when that was helpful, but I’d honestly prefer that both she and Kanye West drop off of the face of the Earth.

  • Kanye deserves it. He’s an egotistical, loud mouth ASS and those are the people I find disgusting. “Ima let you” totally humiliated her and I wouldn’t be the “better” person either. I’d tell him to kiss my ass forever. The guy can apologize all he wants, it means nothing coming from him. I don’t care about her much either, but keep it up Taylor, guy’s a douche.

    • he had to do alot of stuff(he whent though a car crash, and started out by himself with no ones help and go to where he was today, if you listen to some of his paticular work like diamonds from seira leone)(i think he’s inspiring cause ha also proved u dont need to do things that everone else does,but) to get where he is so u shouldnt judge him for some of his actions they sides he was drunk that almost alone gives him a reason ( they do say alcohol makes u act differently) and taylor should have stud up and said something instead of playing the victim and getting sympathy, which made her more popular and the people i really hate are the HATERS. At least taylor and kanye put work, effort, and meaning in there music. so let the matter pass

  • I’ve said it from the beginning, she’s one big bitch with a knack for subtle manipulation. Watch out world.

  • She’s so painfully lame, I really dislike her, and, well, this just shows how resentful and bitter she is. I dislike her music and the ideas that go with it, her image and now her attitude.

  • Actually Taylor has been the one who for over a year has been saying I don’t want to talk about this, I’m over it, please move on and yet everyone insists on bringing it up, asking her about it, trying to get her take on the situation. She has said in several different interviews when people insist on pushing the issue that she wishes people would get just over it and even at one point hung up on a radio DJ because he couldn’t take the hint that she didn’t want to talk about it. Taylor didn’t ride the Kanye West wave to success, she was successful before this ever happened. If people in the media would STFU about it it would eventually go the way of every other idiotic mistake that celebs make. That being said, Kanye needs to grow up and get over it himself. Why in the world should Taylor defend his stupid ass? Why should she have to? Kanye’s cried in interviews? Well boo-fucking-hoo. Does anyone actually think he was sincere? Does anyone actually think Kanye feels bad for any of the stupid crap he’s ever said or done? No, he’s sorry because the world is picking on poor little ol’ him and he wants them to stop being so mean. Boo hoo hoo. Well the world would stop picking on him if he’d quit being such a dickhead. Seriously, what’s next? Matt Lauer should defend his stupid ass and announce to the world that they’re buddies? Get real.

  • I actually think that Kanye just likes to make up drama for free publicity. Now he’s basically saying she’s successful because of him… ugh, what a self-centered idiot. Maybe she’s successful because she’s adorable, a great singer-songwriter, a good role model and beautiful? Oh no, how you dare to even think that. I’m so sick of Kanye, he’s the one bringing what happened up all the fucking time.

    • Good singer? Yes. Adorable? I guess each to their own. A role model? No. “And Abigail gave everything she had to a boy” (Fifteen). Is everything a woman have a tissue in her vagina? Fuck Taylor Swift and her horrid messages on songs reducing all women to soppy, crying pathetic beings who can’t enjoy sex before marriage, because it is “everything they have”. No, no, and more no.

      • You’ve a sex-oriented minds … The “everything she had” part Is more about giving all your heart and all your soul

      • i get the message from kanye and taylor they say to be yourself in most, or some of there songs some people take from taylor is to be drama-queens or to be yourself or to live a fun life. but thats based on opinion. same with kanye

  • honestly, yea kanye’s a douche. but he admits it, and the things he’s doing for music are unquantifiable. whereas taylor…. dude seriously she’s ruining the minds of impressionable little girls who think life is all about lacey wedding dresses and prince charmings. BARF.

  • You know, lately, the only time Kanye is in the press at all is when he is bringing up Taylor. He just keeps riding THAT wave. That self-righteous schmuck deserves the bad repuation, and Taylor doesn’t need to publicly apologize.

    Point is, whether she stands up for Kanye or not, the damage is done. I for one, don’t care at all for Kanye and nothing will change that, and I think it’s the same for a lot of people.

  • Let’s not forget that if he had just planted his egotistical ass in his seat at the VMAs 14 months ago this never would have happened. Reap. Sow. Get over yourself.

  • Molls, why? why does she have to? Kayne openly,ok, and drunkenly, told the world she sucked and didn’t deserve recognition or adulation for her work. If someone openly slagged your writing like that, something that you are very good at and take alot of pride and effort into doing; how would you feel… and what do you think that person is saying behind the press to his artist friends?

    Let her keep her feelings….it’s healthy and pretty entertaining.

  • she should be sucking that man’s ass b/c he is probably what made her so famous. god knows she aint all that, so kayne doing his take the mike act made everyone feel sorry for her and she got WAY more attention than had he not done that. so tay-tay, be nice and say thank you.

    • She was kinda famous before the “Ima let you finish” incident at the VMA’s.

      (Psssst. She was really famous.)

  • I personally don’t really care for Taylor Swift, but I don’t have a personal vendetta against her, whereas with Kanye, I do. Kanye is the most egotistical, chauvinist, self-absorbed asshole in the history of this earth. He’s a complete fool who would do anything to gain more fame and as much as you think Taylor is riding ‘his coattails’, he’s doing to exact same by not living it down. It would be more mature for him to just never say anything on the matter again, thus making Taylor look like a butthurt fool, but he keeps coming back and I commend her for not backing down. Judging by what he’s done in the past, I’ve lost all respect and he’s lost all credibility.

  • Oh please. She doesn’t owe him shit. She isn’t publicly bashing him and it seems like she’s completely moved on. He is the one who won’t let it go and she doesn’t owe him forgiveness.

  • I like Kanye’s music and Taylor’s pretty bangable, that’s all I have to say cuz it’s all I give a damn for. I could care less about what they publicly show off, just trying to get attention and fame. Just enjoy the music!

  • Youre an idiot. So is Kanye West. If I went to a hip hop awards show and denounced some rapper, saying that this country stars video should win; I would have been brutally beaten.

  • kanye west is a dumbass. how did he even become famous? his douche bag some sucked so bad i turned off the tv during it while watching the music awards. and then threwup. liked maybe 2 of his songs and he is such a pussy going at taylor like that. wat a bitch.