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Here’s Some For Your Consideration Ads For Your Consideration

My favorite part of all the pre-Oscar hype is the “For Your Consideration” ads that are printed in all the trade magazines to try and woo Oscar voters. The reason is two-fold: These ads are the studio’s last shot at selling the shit out of their movie and it’s hilarious to see what awards they think they might be considered for. The Human Centipede wants Best Director? And there’s someone out there who thinks Johnny Depp deserves Best Actor for his turn as the Mad Hatter? And Due Date for best picture? I’m dead from laughing.

Which of these posters is your favorite and what films do you think have the best shot at taking home awards this year?

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  • I loved me some Human Centipede, and in addition to having a badass name (Dieter Laser!!!), the scary doctor was well acted… but Oscars? Methinks not.