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Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, We’ll Probably Be Seeing Some Miley Gooch in the Near Future

photo of miley cyrus birthday party eighteen pictures photographs

Dearest Miley:

It seems like so long ago that you were a gawky, toothy, social reject with positively no social graces, who guffawed and hee-hawed with the best of the Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm.  Now just look at you – you’re eighteen! … but that’s about the only thing that’s changed.

It’s so refreshing to see Hollywood’s top tier of uber-talent staying true to who they are and what they do, and now you can flash your serpent socket without anyone really batting an eye or worrying about a lawsuit. They’re used to it. It’s old, girl, and now so are you.

So Happy Birthday, Miley. You’re free!

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