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Have You Seen ‘The Miley Show’?

Saturday Night Live‘s been doing this hilarious bit this season, The Miley Cyrus Show. Last weekend when Anne Hathaway hosted, the sketch was the highlight of the show. Vanessa Bayer’s Miley impression is good (it’s the nasal “pretty cool” that really sells it) but Anne Hathaway’s bit as Katie Holmes was basically flawless.

Saturday Night Live: More of this, please!

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  • Agreed. Both of the ladies in this clip made this one pretty funny stuff. Love when she starts baggin’ on the dad, too.

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  • The Miley show bit is terrible. It is exactly like her show would be. Boring, continuous bad jokes, and an annoying voice. Don’t know which is worse Miley, or the SNL skit.

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