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Caption This: Britney Spears Keeps It Classy

A photo of Britney Spears

From the busted weave to the exposed panties, it doesn’t really get more iconic Britney than this, does it?  Well, there are those haunting pictures of Britney with the shaved head, but let’s not go there right now.  We have other places to go right now.

Can someone school me on weaves real quick?  Why would Britney have gotten one in the first place if she so obviously can’t take care of it?  Is it because her own hair is so damaged by peroxide and shattered dreams?  Has she never heard of wigs or scarves or hats? And she can’t just take it out and have her own hair, right, she’d have to actually cut it out?*  It seems like such a vicious cycle that serves no one (except for gossip bloggers. Thanks, Brit!).

*These are all sincere questions.

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  • Methinks her weave tracks are more of a security blanket…a ratty, tattered security blanket that Brit-Brit DESPERATELY needs to part with. Miss lady is one of the TOP EARNING female entertainers (along with Beyonce and Oprah), yet always looks like she just got into a catfight with a rival ho on the stroll.

    Any hair dresser worth their shears should be able to easily remove the tracks, whether they’re sewn in or glued in. Then again, judging by the disparate color in her natural hair and the jacked up weave, my guess is that Britney probably did this to herself, with a little help from Sally Beauty Supply.

    Her best bet would be to do as I have, after a particularly harrowing bad haircut (back in March): sport a wig. She doesn’t even need to get complicated with lace fronts or anything like that. She could let her hair go back to its natural color and texture, growing it out until it’s to her satisfaction. I have a small collection that I wear nearly every day (except to the gym, of course), and no one is the wiser. My hair is super healthy underneath from lack of chemicals and heat styling.

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  • Remember that Barbie doll that your brother stole from you and did creepy things to? Sheeee’s BaaAack…

  • Can’t her stylist layer the weave to match the “natural” hair? It always looks like she’s wearing a hat made of greasy hair on top of the weave. As for the panties…isn’t that uncomfortable? It’s not even sexy or slutty looking. It’s just sad. You know she smells like evil – if evil smells like cigarettes and B.O. (quote stolen from my 12 year-old son about his bus driver – ha!)
    Also, she has a way of picking the cheapest looking handbags. I’m sure they cost thousands of dollars, but look like $9.99 specials from Wal Mart. She has such bad taste.