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Quotables: Jessica Simpson is So Happy For Nick Lachey

“I am extremely, extremely happy for him. I couldn’t be more happy for Nick. … My mom actually called me and told me that everybody was saying that I was ‘saddened.’ And I was just in complete shock. You know, our relationship was over a really long time ago, so it would be nice if everybody could move on with us and really just celebrate the love between him and Vanessa. I do, and I wish them nothing but the best.”

Do you, Jess? Do you really? Because you’re right; it doesn’t seem like anyone can really let this go. But I think these people often forget – you were the one who filed for divorce, weren’t you? You could still probably have that smarmy-voiced git if you really, really wanted him, you know. And people just don’t get it. Nick Lachey wouldn’t even have Vanessa Minnillo if it weren’t for you, girl. And don’t let that torture you, ’cause you’re much better off without his oily arse.

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